Privacy Policy Advertising On Grindr. Or Not? - Alberto Sonego

Is it the right choice for your product? As we will see, this app may generate a very high ROI. Yet, some precautions are needed..

Why Grindr? Mainly because this app has an autonomous advertising platform – while Tinder is supported by Facebook Ads manager. It is very similar to many others smaller apps: once you manage this, you can manage them, too. Also, it represents a huge door to access an audience that may put some fuel to a company’s business.


What kind of opportunities can this app generate for a local business?

Targeting on Grindr is more precise than on any other social networks. Therefore, a company can reach its REAL final consumers. Don’t think about using Grindr Ads if you are a B2B company, or if your staff is not friendly at all.

Yet, you should take a look to its functioning if you own:

  • A restaurant
  • A hotel
  • A clothes shop
  • A club
  • A beauty center


But how does Grindr Ads work? Which are its main assets?


Time and Money. On average, Grindr’s users spend almost 2 hour per day online. 76% of them earn more than the average annual income.Moreover, its users access this app 8 times per day and the 46% of them has been members of Grindr for over a year. This app is available in __ countries and it counts more than 1.8 million active users per day. These data have encouraged many companies (and political parties, too!) to invest consistently on these platform.


Crowded and heterogeneous. Most of the users come from the US (4.3 million); yet, this app is well-known all over the world. The top European cities (for number of users) are London, Paris, Milan and Madrid. These users do share their belonging to the LGBT community, but they have different interests and online activities. Some of them may be online on Twitter, some others on Facebook or Instagram; a (very low) percentage may do not use any social media at all. Still, they are on Grindr. And they can be targeted and hit by ads.  


Formats and contents. Censorship is weaker on Grindr than on other social networks. So that almost every content that respects the requirements is approved shortly. Moreover, Grindr allow to publish two main kind of ads: visual (320x480 or 320x50) or textual. Texts can be shown as private messages or pop ups.

Costs and budgets. Diversely from other advertising platform, Grindr permits to build small audiences. This fact makes it very similar to LinkedIn, except for the investments: your budget, on Grindr, can be lower. As I experienced by promoting a client of mine on Grindr, the CPM is about 5-10 €, while the CTR is around 9%.